Many Reasons

Dear J—

We want to be able to have the entire packet of information prepared by the end of next week? Folly, perhaps, but it’s a goal to shoot for, and I hope that we are worthy of the challenge. I do things in this job that I wouldn’t have thought I would be doing several years ago (four) when the first inklings were rumbling around about the steam generators at San Onofre. Then again my first job on that project was to chart the wear and paste it on the wall, which I was able to do with a minimum of fuss and drama I hope. 

If I have a point it’s this: you don’t always end up doing what you thought you would, and you never end up doing exactly what you were learning in school. I wouldn’t have thought that fracture mechanics was that interesting until I tried to unravel some of the math behind the scenes in the Code, and I certainly wouldn’t have thought to be training again at this stage. 

All things in moderation. It’s Friday, and I’m traveling in two days: we’ll definitely get through this intact.



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