Strangers Again

Dear J—

Well, it’s like this: now that we’re running gallery consists in the morning, there’s only one ground-level set of seats that provides the opposed seating conducive to conversations in the morning, and there’s strange people sitting here. Well, not strange strange, just unfamiliar, though I suppose you should expect something like that if you’re going to increase ridership; why not, right, the more the merrier and all that. Except when it’s not, right? Yeah, right. I just have to say to you G.O.Y.B.S. Get Over Your Bad Self. Strangers are just people we haven’t met yet, though perhaps the whole concept of stranger danger is clouding my thinking as well.

We proceed through stations and stops while hoping that the days pass not too quickly. This is part of the process that brings us to a finished product. Are we ready to unleash that on the unsuspecting world after all? All together now: it’s a small, fast-paced world after all …

It starts with being brave and sucking it up; we can get through this, too, can’t we?



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