Slowly Leaky

Dear J—

We’re a month out from having to give the training of our lives and my bike has developed a slow leak and we have some conflicts that I can foresee starting up. Yes. Joy. I have comments and writings to respond to; I have gadgets and gizmos galore (I do!) and none of these will help me make it through unless you count … Aargh. Time marches on while I dither.

A reminder: there is some sharp piece of metal piercing my front tire approximately 180 degrees away from the stem. It’s time, I think, for a new tire and tube, as usual; with increased distance comes increased responsibility, right? At least increased maintenance. It was a bit of a rude shock to find out that the tire had completely deflated overnight but how slow the leak is has yet to be seen, as I will be trying to minimize the distance I ride on that flattened thing today. 

It’s a reminder of time’s arrow – steady as a metronome and moving in one direction only. Get your projects organized and get going, c’mon c’mon.



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