Ban Hammer

Dear J—

You think about something that really doesn’t affect you like Tom Brady’s four-game suspension because it’s a distraction from the work at hand: is it fair or right or even correct to say that he got what was coming to him because cheaters never win even if it wasn’t cheating? Me personally, I see fault on both sides but mostly I see entities with too much money acting like children: you will respect my authority; no, not unless it’s earned; authority! 

On othe other hand you could frame it as a labor issue, and like always, labor gets the short end of the stick in an argument about management and employee. Here I’m decidedly in favor of labor instead, and not just from a disinterested outsider’s perspective. I’ve seen the way that management can drag its feet and come reluctantly to the table, grudgingly parceling out basic rights as if they were gold nuggets and audibly groaning with each concession wrung out. There are many reasons to recuse yourself from the debate, after all; find one that fits and drive on, driver.



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