Best Forward

Dear J—

There are lots of things to be worried about, I suppose: did I do the taxes right this year, what are we going to say in Orlando (sorry, Kissimmee), when is the PO coming for the training course we’re supposed to be holding in just over a month, what if the boy grows up to be unkind, how well did they bolt together that bridge we just went over, who gets to take a nap in the afternoons and who gets to be backwards and distant?

There are lots of things to worry about and not enough hours in the day to control all of them; you do the best you can with the ones you’ve got and move on, best foot forward and narrowly able to escape until the next one moves on. When does the senior consultant in our group retire? Then all the work devolves to me and I will tell you now that I’m not nearly as familiar with it as I need to be; I could spend my days reading up on that stuff but then, panicked, I bolter and start nervously, aggressively surfing the various websites that I can instead. Mature, right?



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