Inbox Clutterer

Dear J—

Every so often we go over to my parents house so I can help them with something: this last time it was trying to resuscitate their printer (couldn’t figure out how, although when I first got there I coudln’t even get it to turn on, so this is better I guess) and revising their taxes (I think they’re linked somehow in some kind of cloud storage – when I had amended their taxes from home, I found my changes were already running on their computer. Spooky.) but in the end our endurance is limited by what the kids will take and handle, and at the moment, that’s only a few hours. Plus we’re heading back there in a couple of weeks so we’ll see what’s cropped up then.

When I have to send stuff to myself instead of bringing a flash drive (which I should) I end up mailing myself from their inbox and with 9999+ unread in their inbox, I wonder how they know what’s important. Yet I also know how difficult it can be to sit down and sort through the scads of emails that come each day, even if most of them can be filed, just like real mail, straight into the recycling.

I finally got my inbox down to zero unread. Now to take action on the few that are left.



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