Cool Rain

Dear J—

I dithered over whether to take my jacket this morning – I have an old Gore-Tex jacket which is fine at keeping me dry in one sense (the rain barrier works very well, thank you) but not so great in another (it’s not as breathable as it’s been advertised to be, so I always end up a bit sweaty). I made several false starts to the train station, finally turning around after the fourth U-turn and grabbing it, which I was immediately thankful for as the sky didn’t exactly open up, but things did become significantly wetter from that point forward. 

Hopefully it’s a metaphor for the day: reluctantly but inevitably coming to the correct decision.



4 Responses to “Cool Rain”

  1. Karolyn Kao Says:

    Hi, is this the same mliu92 that edits Wikipedia articles?

  2. Karolyn Kao Says:

    Yes… had to do a bit of clicking to track the most current outlet down. Well, I have some questions regarding an article you created and wrote regarding an event in the Bay Area in the late 90’s. Could I have your email?

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