Branching Trees

Dear J—

I sat at a table yesterday for lunch at work; between the four of us, there were ten kids – ten! – which seems somewhat excessive, but there you go, at times you can’t really explain how or why or what’s going on . Well, how they go there is no mystery, I suppose; it’s just that this is how you start getting the family trees with a lot of branches and here’s how you’re related to your cousin through some more distant branch.

I’m not sure what we’re planning to do for the future. It feels like the company is positioning itself as a haven for PhD types, which is all well and good until you talk to some of these people without practical experience and … I dunno; from the perspective of someone on the other side of school (18 years out now) I can understand and sympathize with the people who rejected me for not having any practical knowledge, and I realize that I’ve learned from every job I’ve held; yes, even Worldcom. The experiences shape us at least as much as genetics and your cousin wouldn’t be who they are without the differences, remember that.



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    Branching Trees | Dear J-

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