Monday Retro

Dear J—

At times I wonder what good it is to be Monday night, one day down and four to go, and if the weekend was particularly busy, then if it’s meant for relaxation or what. I’m old enough that I can’t be staying up to all odd hours of the night now and expect to be turning around in time for the morning commute, not without paying for it at some point or another. It’s not right, and it shortchanged my family, whose regard I hold the highest.
I understand when work just asks and asks and asks without surcease; that’s what happens and that’s what they do. I’m less tolerant of it when it comes to family and there’s no good reason why; why demand from one should be okay but from the other is intolerable. Let’s do this. Okay or no? Depends on who’s asking, I guess, and really, it shouldn’t. You give generously of your own time at work, and why you can’t take that and make it work at home is a mystery, isn’t it?



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