Allergy Erps

Dear J—

I’m not sure if it’s the dinner or the allergies but I’ve spent the last day or two with a leaky nose and a weird empty hollow in my stomach. It doesn’t matter if I’m riding more than before if that only means I’m eating more too, though. Maybe it’s better to be a little hungry. Yeah. Tell yourself that, keep saying it.

There are still many things to be done at work, none of which are necessarily needed for work but still, it’s one of those pro forms things you do to put in the time. Now they want us to go visit Korea which I would be delighted to do but for … Well, but for everything else in my life that’s happening. There’s a lot of not-cool things I guess. Let’s go to the … Oh, not cool. Time spent traveling for me means time that theVet can’t work and that can be significant.

The warmer weather has brought a lot of dust and pollen, I guess – I regularly see particles detaching themselves from the trees and heading straight into my eye, or small bugs to be swallowed to boost the protein in my diet, I suppose, as if the steady drip of mucus wasn’t enough. No. It’s too much to complain about; with allergy pills it’s okay and I can survive these things with reasonable grace.



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