Now Roosting

Dear J—

Now the chickens are coming home to roost, and we’re in the thick of it. Between active jobs and proposals we should be doing a fair amount of work this year, and we have an early invitation to go to Korea besides, so hopefully we can find some way to work that out. Zeroed out, no-effort, flat-out straight-up no-kidding sitting here clenching many sphincter a thinking about all the stuff to do, and then, you know what? You just do it. Just do it. One step at a time.

It’s like waking up in the morning: gradually and then all at once. Here is the alarm on the alarm clock. There is the alarm on your phone. Snooze a bit. Do you still have time? No? Get up, maybe do a little reading, get dressed and packed and ready and then rush out the door. How urgent are you pedal strokes, how much time is left before the train arrives, how much hurry hurry do you apply to get there on time? 

The hard part is starting. The hard part is always starting. Everything else is gravy after that.



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