Hurry Worry

Dear J—

This has been a pretty spectacular allergy season so far; it rained over the weekend so I wasn’t so affected, but earlier last week, when it was hot and dry and windy, I would get on the train in the afternoons and be affected by a steady drip drip drip from everything that could leak on my face. 

I had a dentist in San Diego who used to ask me why I didn’t close my mouth when I was biking and I would mentally give her the side-eye, like, who doesn’t bike hard enough to make you pant but I suppose there’s something rather dogged about that statement, isn’t there? You worry at things and perhaps they’ll work out but many times, well, not so much, right? We still have a lot to be executed overnight and in the mornings and it’s been a good allergy season, though violent. Sorry, afternoon train riders.


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