on the Radar

Dear J—The thing is if you keep looking forward to all the things that are going to happen this week, you lose track of all the things you actually need to be doing. I haven’t go there faintest clue as to what I should be doing so instead I’m always looking forward and forgetting to get things done in the meantime.

On M*A*S*H Gary Burghoff’s character, Radar O’Reilly, had a reputation as someone who would anticipate your needs and act accordingly to get them done; we could all use a little bit of that practical magic in our lives, especially since it’s one thing that would make us less of a jerk to others. I got that report done. Early. I moved my toes out of the way before you stepped on them. I understood you would be thirsty and instead of listening to complaints, here’s what I did about it.

C’mon. You’ve been doing this for a while now – living successfully with others. We can do this starting today.


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