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Dear J—

Yesterday I went home early; figgy was sick and theVet had to work, so it was like being in San Diego all over again, only not. I made it back faster than I thought because of a different route, and I wonder if I’d tried an even different route, how long that might have taken, though in both cases I’m sure I’d be waiting for lights to pass. 

I get passed by other bicyclists with depressing regularity on these rides to and from work; I tell myself that I’m being childish (it’s not a race) but wonder how much faster I could be riding if only … And if only. I got back to the station a full ten minutes before I’d expected, and faster than I rode in the earlier dark getting away from Sunnyvale, so I suppose it’s an option worth exploring if not for the heavy motor traffic on that route. I do like to preserve my hide, but is being hit by cars going slow or cars going fast better?



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