Slice and Rice

Dear J—

I was expecting it to be light on Friday, but this, not so much. It’s a good start, though, and now I just need to make sure that I don’t get sucked into dissecting the history of the Dumbarton Rail Corridor too much. Some, yes, but let’s not be excessive. I’d enumerate the millions of things I seem to have committed to but those aren’t going to be too interesting, or useful. Better just to do the million little things than to be worried about the small stuff; it’s at the point where it’s faster to do than describe.

March is over halfway over which means we’re getting close to April 1st and opening day for the Giants, which will occassionally put the pub in public transportation. (I wrote that just for you, pun fans). Every year – and it’s not like I’m a grizzled veteran or anything, only riding since September 2013 – every year has brought an increase in ridership and what does that mean eventually? Perhaps stations will get more crowded; I know that trains have and because it affords a decent commute for a lot of people, it spreads out the population into more areas, which could potentially be great if we weren’t all interested in getting your own and protecting that slice of it.



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