Dear J—

So when the conductor comes through this morning I’ll let them know that the numbers on the nose of the train are reading 9-2-4, which is the engine number, instead of 102, the train number. I think you could reasonably assume the folks riding this train should know which train this is (no earlier southbound trains) and which stops it makes but it threw me for a loop this morning just because, yeah? On the other hand I did feel a bit of a breeze coming in and when I sat down just now I noticed my fly was undone. So good job keeping me honest, karma; I appreciate that.

My current resolution – so far unfulfilled – is to finish the taxes (I need to keep from making up numbers for childcare expenses) and then start in on my parents’ taxes before I can play my game (now Yakuza 5) again. This is the fourth Yakuza game I’ve played in a row now and there’s a bit of fatigue involved here too.



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