Something Better

Dear J—

I had something better lined up in my head when I first woke up but then it moved on and so apparently have I. I now have both a regular clock radio alarm going as well as my phone which is now getting a little too familiar, or perhaps I’m just not smart enough to know when I should be getting up versus when I do get up; there’s a good long pause between the first alarms going off and me actually getting out of bed, which is not the best trend. You can justify almost anything when it’s dark outside, and cold to boot; another extra few minutes can’t hurt, right?

We have a fair number of ways that we’re comfortable in this world we have carved out. Remember being uncomfortable? Remember waiting for everything to just settle out and be done? Now that we have a place to live and a routine to hit, now that’s all happened, how do we keep from getting over ourselves?



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