Dear J—

Well, it’s been about two and a half years; since I’ve joined we’ve added a few people and lost a lot more, it seems, though to what I can’t honestly say; some people went to bigger-[name companies, some went to our competitors, and others must have just gotten tired of all the everything else that goes on around here; we have a bunch of different things and we all wear more hats than we think we need to, don’t we? I’m not here to implement a QA program but that’s what I’ve been doing and I’m happy to as long as I have time but lately …

Actually, lately I do have time. Things have gotten slow again after being crazy for so long and I wonder if what we’re doing is the right way to approach it, but there’s commitments and reviews and industry practices and how are we still talking about this when all we have is me and Russ? I welcome our new overlords; we are happy to help. Happy, yes.It feels that way but I exaggerate, as always, of course. 


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