Dear J—

I get on the train and I’m always surprised that I recognize people, but when you’re riding the same train for years now (years! me!) then I guess it’s not so surprising that you’ll see some of the same faces over and over. Meanwhile, in the non-backwards world (these Bombardier cars that are converted to bike cars are interesting; there’s a definite orientation relative to the direction of travel, and if the four-rack setup isn’t on the leading end, it feels backwards to me) the project that I’ve been using to soak up time has been winding up and winding down; I wonder if there’s something else new coming along or if it’s going to be an antagonistic view of things from here on out.

There are contradictions and contractions, depositions and despondent a, as if we aren’t allowed to change our opinions ever one wavering thought at a time. I have to think of the last set of questions which our lawyers asked of the dependent yesterday, which went into personal finances and work history and I’m glad the opposing side’s lawyers had to strenuously object to that line of questions but I wonder how things stand today between us.



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