Make it Work

Dear J—

I think I can make this work early on: there’s a deposition I’m supposed to listen to coming up at 6AM Pacific (because it’s physically being held on the east coast, and at least the sun will be rising by then) while I’m still on the train and about to get off at Sunnyvale. I have a few options here: get off the train later and bike less, or … Yeah, y’know what? That’s what I’ll have to do, I guess. Except then I’ll be riding while distracted on a busier street; does that make it better than riding while distracted on a quieter street for a longer period of time?

So. All day deposition. My battery is charged and I’m ready to do this, but not really; I guess this is one of the last ones to be done and it’s for someone – on the other side, naturally – that I considered a colleague and a respected friend while I was at San Onofre. Scratch the past tense. I still like the guy; there’s no reason for me not to, and I’m happy to move on past it after the arbitration is over, but I have to leave the rest to him, I guess. So, as the saying goes, let’s get ready and set and … Almost go time. Are you prepared?



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