Dear J—

Yesterday I had work in San Francisco so I got to do what I probably won’t get to do for a long time: get up early, head north and walk around. It’s one of my favorite things and this time I got to walk quite a bit: up Fourth to Moscone/Yerba Buena Gardens; up Grant through Chinatown; down Columbus to Transamerica; up up up Sacramento to Grace Cathedral, and then back down to my workplace for the day. There’s a certain energy in the city that unfortunately manifests itself as your typical power-walking pedestrian: you fit in by pretending you have someplace to go – in a hurry, of course – with a dour expression in your face.

Which is why when I’m glad to be out and about in the City, walking around, I’m doubly glad to be back to familiar San Mateo; there’s too much waiting for me from family to comfortable old haunts to the bridges over the creek and graffiti in the usual places. There are things I wish were different (why did they have to break all the lights on the western side of the pedestrian bridge at Monte Diablo?) but on the whole it’s one of my favorites, to visit and then return all in the same day.



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