Clenched Teeth

Dear J—

Did you ever have that sort of moment that makes you clench your … teeth … as you realize that what you know and what you think you know and what other people think you might know are completely disparate? Yeah, it’s really either clench your (teeth) or laugh about it hysterically and I end up doing a lot of both. My job is to be a reviewer for stuff I have little experience with but hey, do you want to be or should or what, right? I’m glad this job has so many of these moments since I have so little actual knowledge of what’s going on.

Meanwhile the rain falls slowly on sinner and Saint alike; I probably should have worn something more resistant but there you go. Another opportunity to clench. Yesterday I picked up a large piece of metal – I’d never picked up anything so obviously puncturing before and I think about how I normalized and rationalized the first time I felt it – this thing wasn’t subtle at all – and that makes me worry I spend too much time rationalizing and not enough time acting.



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