Inappropriate Elimination

Dear J—

The veterinary community calls it inappropriate elimination, which is what happens when the cat goes outside the litter box. Which happens, of course. So far the only casualties have been a few loose papers and a box or two but that’s what you risk, being that some cats are at the shelter for specific reasons. But-and-yes, there are many positive compensating qualities. But yes, constant vigilance, as Mad-eye Moody would declaim, that’s the way to watch him get a little comfortable in the box of recycling and then … No!

Do you do things that don’t make much sense? I told fight the story about how when we were younger, we built our own boomerangs and then got them stuck in a tree while practicing throws at the park. Well, naturally we used our shoes to try to retrieve them and ended up with one shoe apiece stuck in the tree as well. So to retrieve the boomerangs which we had cut out of scrap cardboard and were weighted with dimes, we ruined a couple of $40+ pair of shoes because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

We don’t always think, and we don’t always think clearly, more specifically, perhaps. I miss certain things about being young but I hope my judgment has gotten somewhat better since then.



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