Music Life

Dear J—

When I was writing the old old old site I was writing in graduate school (now nearly twenty years ago, started in August 1996) I had a set of compact discs I had at the lab to listen to and there would be a steady rotation, music that I still don’t turn on much now because I’ve overplayed them so many years ago. I like many songs on the radio, but they get played to death and you con’t feel how fresh they are, or were, or might still be if you hadn’t heard them a thousand times already.
In Charlotte, when I had to spend those two weeks, I would try to find a park to head out to in the evenings and would keep the radio tuned to the hits of today (well, the contemporary hits, let’s say) because otherwise you end up listening to the same thing over and over (hi, 80s stations) but even that wasn’t terribly successful: you’d hear the same twenty songs on endless repeat. Variety is needed instead. We have too much else to worry about, don’t we?



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