Dear J—

So over the months of December and January I’ve been working on my back catalog of PS3 games; lately I’ve been playing the Yakuza series and have finished 3, 4 and part of Dead Souls. DS is of course the zombie side story, where you battle through SEGA’s vision of a zombie invasion (where is it coming from? Who sent them?) and so far it’s enjoyable if only because you get to play at least one chunk as Goro Majima, one of the more memorable characters in the rotation. It’s set up somewhat similarly to 4, where you rotate through different episodes with different characters, though the earning of new levels and attacks and weapon slots is somewhat frustratingly slow.

It has been a good weekend but I feel a little like a zombie myself; earlier to bed, from now on, and earlier to rise and more sleep will help that but for now the only time I carve out for the games is after everyone’s gone to bed, and you want to put in a few hours to feel like you’re actually getting somewhere and … yeah, you know.



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