Side Story

Dear J—

Back when I was convinced that I would only ever play Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs) I would regularly import software and expect to teach myself to read in an adequate fashion, though with no time or budget (well, if the budget could be called a budget it would have been in relation to how much I could get away with and how much I’d spent on games that day, or week, or as the opportunity arose because you don’t see an X’eye every day, for instance). All that changed after I played Knights of the Old Republic, though, and it was soon clear that I wouldn’t see things the same way again.

Anyhow. Back then the JRPGs would offer up a sort of side story or alternate reality mostly just to satisfy fans with a little plot and the chance to take your characters beyond what you might have anticipated. It works out that none of it is canonical but it’s more like a little writing trick you hear about: write a short story about your character to explore how they would react to different situations, and that helps inform you what their personality would be in whatever stories you do end up publishing.

I’m playing Yakuza: Dead Souls at the moment (I know, yes, but I’m catching up on last generation still), and it fits into the same mold of well, let’s throw a situation at these folks, and the programmers at SEGA have definite consistencies regarding zombies.



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