Older Drama

Dear J—

You hear people say it all the time, at least in movies and TV: oh man, it sucks getting old. Between the colds lingering and the joints aching at the end of the day, as they say, getting old is no picnic and other such assorted cliches. Here in California you run into people all the time who have amazingly defied aging or what they call gracefully aged, between staying active and eating healthy, so I suppose it’s not for me to say, but c’mon: quit whining. Having lived with pets for nearly twenty years and watching them age to the point of euthanasia, I’m more apt to say that no, don’t sweat the little stuff.

There’s a difference between having a cold for an extra day or two and having something rob the essential you from your life: that’s what aging is about, and if you’re not actively involved in such a change, well, by golly, that’s just being inconvenienced, it’s not at all about getting old. GOYBS: Get Over Your Bad Self. We’ve perfected the art of diving in association football, so it’s no surprise that we like to complain about all the little things going on right?



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