Ride Along

Dear J—

We’re in the midst of our annual ridership survey on Caltrain and the folks who are on these early trains – thank you for coming on and counting us. Hopefully the numbers collected will boost the case for electrification and more frequent service, although there are those who would posit that more trains means more time spent stopped at intersections. If you’re losing your mind over the two minutes you spend waiting for the train to cross, or if your route takes you across the tracks multiple times, well, I believe there are better routes or perhaps you should try leaving earlier. Seriously. All people pushing me to make your schedule: well, perhaps we should have started sooner.

Also this: three people on the platform, and SB 102 runs with Bombardier cars, meaning two doors per car, six car consist: twelve doors total. Why are you lined up in front of me? Why do you not get on the train and find a seat instead of milling about in a confused fashion in the doorway?

Randy rant over. I’m hoping that electrification means we can continue to bring bikes on board; there’s a long and glorious history of that and if we went to BART-style cars with no dedicated bike racks; the contract will be awarded later this year so there’s that to think about.



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