Dear J—

You start asking yourself if the title/headline came first or the article, sometimes. We have to be watchful of all the things we do, as time wears on and there’s more and more people on the earth. You drive through some parts of the country and you think there’s no way we’re running out of physical space to be housing everyone, sure, but we could probably stand to be more densely situated and then there’s the question of food, of course. Do we have enough or are we wasting too much; I sometimes wonder how we can have such perfect-looking produce in the stores and then I realize what a culling process it goes through before it arrives there.

How can there be so many and what does it mean? So many people, so much garbage – there’s parks here in San Mateo that are built on the old landfill, which was on the edge of the Bay, and what does that mean anyway for the people who are here today? How much more future do we leave to our kids?


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