Night Shift

Dear J—

I know, it’s strange: yet I still do miss the night shift and all it entailed, between getting up late and going to bed at odd hours and having the afternoon to be thinking about what to do and maybe a hike before resigning myself to the inky dark night and early morning cold, marching forward to stay awake at 0200 and holding court on the engineering decisions of the day, knowing intimately what issues had arisen and what you needed to turn over to the next set coming on board.

I felt important and though the legacy was small it was still passing the torch on to folks yet to come. Hey, I handled that. We did. Together. Then of course came the things we couldn’t handle and didn’t, and here you are in the gloaming twilight, hoping for some rehash of the glory days, right? Or is that a sunrise you see instead?



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