Dear J—

Well, the New Year is nearly upon us and there’s a lot I should be doing in preparation but it’ll have to settle for eating some cookies and trying to dodge traffic for the rest of the week, at least until after Sunday. As usual I’m not taking much if any time off and meanwhile we’ve got enough as it is, don’t we? 

I suppose we could try going up to the City – we’ve got train cards and it’s fairly cheap to do so, but there’s some walking, and then there’s some complaining and rather than try things I end up having to force them into doing it and then no one’s pleased by it. No. One.

Tomorrow I spend the day with the lawyers on our legal case; two and a half years on and this is reaching the end of the string. We should be so lucky to have cases like this more often, but at the same time it feels a bit like ambulance chasing, following around and asking if they might need some technical analysis after the pain has subsided.



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