Wonder Full

Dear J—

If I haven’t said it before, work has moved. We’ve been in the new building for a month or so, and the routine is getting easier to deal with: I know it takes longer, since we moved south and east, but I think the commute is easier for most of my coworkers. I’m happy with that, and hopefully it’s cut down on the time they have to spend in traffic. Since I’m on a bike and train most of the time, there’s little traffic for me to deal with either way, and my commuting stress is low, though the commuting time is somewhat high. I’ve signed up for a three-zone pass for next month but I may revert back to a two-zone pass considering that going from Sunnyvale to Santa Clara isn’t a huge burden.

Yesterday I brought in donuts from the bakery/restaurant I had been buying from at the old location so instead of having to bike only a mile or two with donuts I ended up going eight miles with donuts yesterday morning. Folks were less impressed with the donuts (though they were undeniably tasty) than they were with the fact that I got them there on a bike in the first place, which mystifies me: I have a rack, and the donuts don’t weigh much; why shouldn’t I bring in donuts if I like? I’ve yet to find the engineer who doesn’t appreciate them.

I’m happy with my commuting choices, though venturing a bit too close to smug, I think. I’m lucky to be able to ride the train, let’s just say, and everything is gravy on top.



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