Along About Now

Dear J—

Along about now – any minute, c’mon, you can do it – is about the time when I get impatient and forget who I’m talking to and … get impatient with things and you start to push and nag until it starts going, but would the motivation still remain if you didn’t? I dunno. I’m reminded of this as my pen at work was broken when someone borrowed it without asking and returned it with a bent nib, telling me that my pen wasn’t working. Well, it isn’t now, is it? I suppose it was my fault for leaving it out so prominently but …

Then I remember how I am at home, always pushing and nagging and crabbing out about things I really can’t reasonably expect to have happen. So yeah. And it’s not that big of a deal: you will work it out and get a new pen out of it, besides (this one was starting to crack on the barrel and realistically the three or four years of good service I did get out of this one is probably more than I could have expected, right?

I still want my pen back; if only I’d … For those few seconds when I had my back turned …


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