Week End

Dear J—

Let’s all get up / and dance to a song / that was a hit before /  your mother was born; / though she was born a long long time ago, /  your mother should know …

I’m clearly still on weekend time, which is when you get to wrench on the bike and pretend that you know what you’re doing (progress on the project bike: I’m not going to be able to install rear brakes unless/until I set up the roller brake again, since pushing the wheel back in the dropouts to make the chain tight enough means I’m now out of alignment in terms of putting a rim brake on) and you stay up late playing games for no fruitful reason (I could have been spending that time working on presentations for the Koreans, who are coming again today, for instance).

We have formal responses due back to the audits we’ve passed through and those aren’t quite ready yet, though they’re probably pretty close at the moment. Also there’s … Well, there’s a lot to be said for Monday morning work, let’s say. One more audit this week. The Koreans. A new bike rack. Hopefully I won’t have to be going dumpster diving anytime soon but even if I do I figure it will work out all right. It should, at least.



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