Dear J—

Well, it’s a short week in a sense since we had a holiday on Monday, although not for my company, so … well, whatever. I’ll take off a little early on Friday to make up for the extra work that was done over the weekend and Monday instead. Next week is going to be busy, between the visit from Doosan and the auditor. We will live through it and live to fight a new day. We just won’t be living well next week. I hesitate to tell them at home because both of those things mean long hours but that’s the reality of it.

I like the folks at work; we are a pretty tight-knight bunch and seem to enjoy each other’s company even if we weren’t forced to be together. Let’s think about it this way: many times you consider work as if there’s a choice you have to be made and … And … 

Would you hang out if you weren’t forced to hang out? Simple as that. I think I would except work is so far from home that it makes it difficult to be upbeat and positive about all the travel time I’m eating (an all-you-can-stand fest, and wow, it’s wearing). I love traveling by bike and train but wow, does it take a while to get from here to there.



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