Radio Internet

Dear J—

I’m curious to know what the reaction is in the other lawyers’ offices, whether some sort of consternation and surprise or cooly efficient response: here, you need to say this and this and this by this time, now go do. This is one of the reasons I check the weather like some sort of obsessive addict; what the next twelve hours will bring determines how I dress. Rain means wool socks and a raintight jacket (the cape I ordered seems to not really be on its way, does it, or was it really just a fevered dream?) and a bag with a rain cover. Then the route shifts as well, taking me away from the creeks if possible.

My dad had (still has, in fact, the same one) a radio in the kitchen; when we were living in Cheney it was permanently stuck on the same station, KREM 920 AM, to the point where the dial is still faded in that section. They would give weather updates every thirty minutes and that may be where I picked up that particular bug of needing to know, with regular updates, how the day is shaping up and where we’re going next.



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