Slow Step

Dear J—

You get one thing done and it opens two; the hydra is alive, and continues to thrive. My current goal is one somewhat thoughtful photograph a day, as a minimum. Whether or not I’m actually able to is another question and it should be clear that the answer is not always. You have different opportunities throughout the day to get stuff done and for you to claim that suddenly you don’t have time doesn’t necessarily ring true. You don’t because you won’t, not because you couldn’t. 

I ran a red light yesterday while I was in a hurry and it turned out I didn’t need to, although at the time I thought I did. The wind makes a significant difference on the way back to the train station, whether I should call myself running late or being able to take a leisurely stroll, as it were. God willing, this will be my fifth time riding the full distance back and forth this week, and that makes neon acutely proud for some reason. We take small victories where we can.


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