Next, Please

Dear J—

The next question you should ask is this: so why? And then, so what?, but that should go back to you.

Why? Ascribing motivations to actions is something we instinctively do, I suspect. We all want to know that it’s not just random happenstance, that we were chosen for something better and/or more meaningful. When the first human came an board do you think he/she said, with some self-satisfaction, wow, it’s me, and how did I get so lucky? We want to know that what we’ve done is worth the effort we’ve invested and not just because there were a couple of hours to kill.

But then the what? Well, that’s because you need a deflationary or to question whether or not what you’ve done was worth it. Sure, we all want to know why but does it matter in the end? Usually when you answer no (know?) that’s when you realize what it was worth.



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