Dear J—

One of the first things I do when I get up is check the weather forecast, which is usually pretty accurate over the next couple of hours. It drives a simple if-this-then-that (IfTTT) decision tree in my head.

  • If rain, then choose a water resistant shell.
  • If cold, then add another layer.
  • If really cold, then consider an undershirt and shell.
  • Regardless of torso choice, pick the cycling 3/4 pants that are on the top of the pile.

The cycling pants are the result of having destroyed more shorts than I care to recount over the past few years of bicycling. Let’s see … it was September 2006 when I started as an actual Edison employee, and the vanpool was soon after that, and I started riding a bike in January 2007 then. Nine years and I can’t tell you how many shorts have failed in exactly the same way – the seat becomes thinned and then rips, regardless of material and sitting habits. I’ve lost khakis that way too when I was bold enough to ride with khakis.

Regardless, this is what works for me and it may not be the right solution for everyone, of course. There’s a legitimately huge office building going up here at HIllsdale and I anticipate the trains will only grow ever more crowded as we get along going where we do. Having enough layers seems like a burden now in the winter, especially when you have to shed and manage them going home, but I’m glad to have the choices.



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