Moved In

Dear J—

At this point we’re moved, or should be at least. Hopefully everything made it over in one piece; I followed the instructions as best I could and hope to see a few bags of stuff along with four boxes in my cubicle, assuming I can locate it at some near future point. But before then I need to trace out a new route in my head and commit it to muscle memory. Evelyn to Wolfe. Wolfe to Arques. Arques becomes Scott. Scott to San Tomas Aquino Trail, which will take me over to Intel headquarters across the freeway. Trail to Mission College. Mission College to … Norman? I think?

I like to think that you can’t really know a neighborhood well until you’ve walked it and I certainly haven’t explored the surroundings where we are nearly enough – I can competently get from either the Sunnyvale or Mountain View train stations to the old work site, and expect to eventually be able to do the same for this. Someday, perhaps, but until then I’ll keep my head up and my eyes peeled, my schedule light and free. Now it’s not a matter of having the luxury to walk from station to work, so yes and make do with what you do have available, right?

We talk about shape factors and the way that we fit curves is to make sure the shape goes well, then match up the scale. There are many different ways to skin a cat, if you’ll pardon the brutality of that particular idiom, and the differences between shapes can be subtle and in revealing. Work being in a different spot is only slightly different, and let’s make the best of it.



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