Wind and Rain

Dear J—

So far today’s been all about the wind and rain; sure the day is young but I turned left this morning and headed off to San Mateo instead of Burlingame. My cousin is living in the next town over; perhaps we can head off for dinner nearby or at one of these malls in the area: Hillsdale – Tanforan – Serramonte – Stanford: call them out like some kind of talisman against debt, these temples of retail and roll-down chains and indoors.

Come now the rain again, drizzle this morning yielding to clear skies later this afternoon. Shall we? There is so much yet to be discovered and lots more to be done, so let’s inside and love the weather that brings us here together. The calm and repose of today is shattered at night but how else would you be able to live your life? You give up the quiet for crazy and fail to see how much you miss it once it’s passed in the past. Drive on into the night; we find our way forward, always ever forward.



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