Old Hand

Dear J—

I’m ready and willing to argue anything, it feels like, but that’s just me, maybe. The place I’m working has a fellow who retired about a year ago and who’s served as an expert witness for years; he’s been working on a job with me the entire two years I’ve been at this office and we’re getting down to writing reports now. There’s a kind of unshakable confidence in his delivery and opinions, which I’d like to emulate but I’m an engineer – he’s an engineer – and I prefer to have a good amount of evidence going as well. It’s a good partnership.

This weekend I put together something that I see could become a paper at some point; perhaps I could be using the chain rule, assuming I remember what the chain rule is. There’s some more elegant math lurking here but I’m not sure I’m the right person to tease it out. Then again, how am I going to develop that amazing confidence if I’m not confident about many of these things?


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