From Here to There

Dear J—

I wonder what the future will be; we’ve gotten so used to typing on virtual keyboards and at first it seemed impossibly brave, but with the autocorrection and falling prices of displays, I could see someone taking a 10- or 12-inch screen of long aspect ratio and turning it into a dedicated virtual keyboard. At least that’s what The Next Generation has taught me: the future is blank, featureless panels until you touch them to wake up. There’s where it gets tricky, perhaps, but that’s just a question of software and updates.

I got a favorable performance review but I’ll be still worried about the future and whether we can keep going forward after next year; whether or not we show steady growth and profits or if the experience of the past year will inform the future and we’re just muddling along until they throw us out on our ears. Small steps, steady on and ready for business. Or not. You can come up with any number of ideas but the whole point is not to say no to everything that comes along. Our guys are sharper than I give credit for, and far more observant too; we will get through and succeed or … no. 


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