More to the Point

Dear J—

We’ve been in San Mateo for over two years now and that makes more than a hundred weekends, give or take a few that we were out of town. Two years ago? Three years ago? What did you think about, what did you consider, what was going on that you couldn’t wait to talk about? We have none of that now, I guess, but that’s part of being apart: the distance is vast, the gulf too wide.

The nice part of being on the train for two years is having been able to see it all, whether the accretive change that seems unending (wow, look at the new apartments in Redwood City; marvel at the bridges project; enjoy the Mathilda underpass back to the train station). You develop a routine and that’s that, any deviation – such as the upcoming move to a new office – seems impossible. But we’ve been having these issues before, and we’ll get through them too. And two years from now?



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