Getting Better

Dear J—

Cal lost the Big Game (not that you care based on your alma mater, but still). – SO WHAT

We didn’t get out to the beach this weekend but that was mostly on me – DON’T CARE.

I have a report that’s overdue and my computer password is expired so I think I’m locked out of doing my timesheet too. – I KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS

When I got up this morning and got ready to go I found out my bike tire was flat. – I JOGGED AND MADE THE SAME TRAIN

I dropped my phone this morning when I bent over to look at the tire and the screen shattered. – IT STILL WORKS

I was thinking all kinds of black thoughts this morning as I was going from home to station and wondering if the cosmic universe wasn’t telling me to stay home but I work better at work (naturally) and that’s where people are expecting me to be so there. As I got closer to the station and heard the train horn blowing I thought about the series of mishaps and what kind of portent and/or trend this might presage and y’know what? It doesn’t, and I won’t let it. You extrapolate things from bad data and you deserve what you conclude.



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