Give ’em the Axe

Dear J—

Things to remember: the Stanford Axe is a broadaxe, also known as a hewing axe. these were used to rough-cut round logs into square timbers, and sometimes that rough-cut would be then used as the structural member. But back to the Axe: Wikipedia says it’s a “standard” 15 inches (375mm) but that’s a substantial chunk of metal in any case. 

Being at home and having unfettered access (no pun intended) to my eBay account has been sobering. What if and how much and yes, that sounds reasonable all have come up in the past quite recently and that’s it. I can’t … no more. The project bike is in a closer state of completion but there’s still some substantial items (tires, chainring) that I need to get through and let’s just table it until December, okay? There has been so much more, after all, so much more going on that there’s no point in worrying too much about how much or how far or how much longer is it, because yes, there’s a lot more ahead. GOYBS.



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