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Dear J—

The first thing to remember about building a bike, I suppose, is that it’s not a cheap process, and that you’re not going to save money over buying a bike that’s already built. I’m already afraid the one I’m bujilding will be too big for me, but that’s a given with any bike I choose, seeing as how I’m built like a monkey (long torso, short legs), though I can usually fit (with some coaxing) on a smaller bike, i.e. one with a shorter seat tube. I’m trying to keep track of what’s being spent but yesterday was an orgy of identifying parts and then going after them. So be it. I do have most of the hard bits now, between the handlebars, pedals, stem and hubs/rims (prebuilt because can you imagine me trusting myself to build wheels? ha!) so hopefully it’s not going to be so difficult to explain.

It’s going to be difficult to explain, though. I still need quite a few parts, and that’s not going to go over so well when I’m showing how many different things are arriving and for how long and from where and I don’t think you’ve thought this through at all. There are an amazing number of parts that can (and have been) stripped off a bike and need to be replaced; when you thought you were getting enough it’s almost worth considering stripping a parts bike instead because there’s always some small thing that I’ve forgotten.

Still, the project is fun (at least the acquisition part) and the disassembly has been smooth so far. It’s the reassembly that will prove how much I enjoy wrenching.



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