Dear J—

Yesterday flying back I made all the right moves until the end. I left the hotel right after the last session had ended and hopped the next train to the airport. After going through security I strolled up to the gate and noticed there was an earlier plane leaving (two hours ahead!) so I begged my way onto that flight (okay, there was a $75 change fee which wasn’t too bad, after all) and got to Dallas an hour and a half early; when I got there I went straight to the next San Francisco-bound flight and got in a full three hours ahead of schedule.

Which of course I then wasted directly by getting on the later bus – rather than tough it out another five minutes, I stepped inside and used the restroom; when I came back out the next bus home had gone and I was stuck waiting another hour or so. On the other hand, I did feed myself a gut-bomb of an old sandwich, two bananas, and a yogurt parfait. At least I wasn’t hungry and hoppig when I got on the next bus, but still, I had a good hour just spent waiting and lost, thanks to user error (I forgot to reset the application to my location, rather than my home application, and it was reporting that the next bus south wasn’t leaving for a good half hour, which led to my overconfident pit stop).

It was a nice trip; I’ve never spent time in Atlanta and it was well worth going if only for the networking opportunities. Next stop Las Vegas.



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