What Works

Dear J—

I went with a Nexus phone because they said I’d get updates; unfortunately I’m immensely cheap and I bought the one that doesn’t: the Nexus Galaxy, thanks to the (relatively speaking) ancient system-on-chip. Then again I’ve also picked up old Palm devices for a fraction of their original cost precisely because they were discontinued, so I really have no cause to be complaining. But still. I probably should have just pushed out some greater cash and gotten something significantly more capable, right?

I enjoy using the technology but don’t necessarily want to think about setting it up. I’m not a fiddler. Even with bikes, I’m having a hard time with bikes precisely because I’m being selfish with my time. It’s much more interesting to stare at the latest junk than to be involved in actually building it up, right? there’s several items that will need attention (brakes, cleaning off the frame) immediately and others that will take a few parts (wheels, tubes, tires) before I’m ready to declare victory. On the other hand I can go ahead and strip off the derallieurs now, can’t I? What works, and what doesn’t, and what should be are all considerable considerations, and nothing we do will change them very quickly.



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