Die Cast

Dear J—

Well, the die is cast and I went to Redwood City yesterday to pick it up, a new-to-me bike frame that hopefully doesn’t just sit in the side yard and molder while I fritter away time and money on other interests. On the other hand, there’s plenty of things that will need fixing as the frame itself looks fairly solid, but was stored without some of the holes being plugged so I’m not even sure what to offer there. Screws for the braze-ons? Seatpost? The smoke-lilac paint is as impressive as I remember it from when those bikes were new but … ah, so be it.

Projects … we always have projects and little time or inclination to do it correctly, don’t we? There’s a lot going on at home just now so I shouldn’t be so quick to join up with every last little thing to be done. On the other hand I can already project forward to being completed and happy and … yes, but no. We will survive. Life goes on and then you find yourself living in a house where there’s an old beater bike in the back and …



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